Body Kalm’s professional massages offer a host of real benefits – activating the lymphatic system, stimulating the body, helping to eliminate toxins, freeing you from stress and built-up tension, relaxing the muscles, improving blood circulation and bringing incredibly deep relaxation. 

Aveda Massages

Renew your sense of wellbeing with an Aveda massage. Inspired by various plant-based healing traditions from around the world, Aveda products literally take you on a sensory journey that will restore your inner peace. A personalised treatment plan and self-care rituals will also be designed to suit your individual needs.

Type of Massage Rates For 30 Minutes Rates For 60 Minutes
Aveda Elemental Nature Massage £ 40 £ 75
Aveda Deep Tissue Massage £ 40 £ 75
Aveda Stress-Fix™ Massage £ 40 £ 75
Zulekha Stress Relief Massage £ 40 £ 75
Zulekha Reviving Massage £ 40 £ 75
Zulekha Warming Massage £ 40 £ 75
Detox Massage £ 40 £ 75