Our different massages provide a range of benefits- activate the lymphatic system, harmonise the vital functions, stimulate the body, boost the elimination of toxins, free you from stress and nervous tensions, heal back tension, relax the muscles, improve blood circulation, bring deep relaxation, invite mental relaxation and help to release negative emotions.

We offer relaxing massages with essential oils and other traditional massages without oils.

Type of Massage Rates For 40 Minutes Rates For 60 Minutes
Aveda Elemental Nature Massage £ 40 £ 75
Aveda Deep Tissue Massage £ 40 £ 75
Aveda Stress-Fix™ Massage £ 40 £ 75
Zulekha Stress Relief Massage £ 40 £ 75
Zulekha Reviving Massage £ 40 £ 75
Zulekha Warming Massage £ 40 £ 75
Detox Massage £ 40 £ 75

Aveda Massages

Renew your sense of well-being with the nurturing touch of Aveda massage therapists. Inspired by various plant-based healing traditions from around the world, our therapists will consult with you to discover your Elemental Nature™ and will take you on a sensory journey in search of the aromas that will restore your mind and body to balance. A personalised treatment plan and self-care rituals will then be designed to suit your individual needs.